We’d see multiple things walking around in Tokyo such as Asakusa and the Skytree. Again the pressure of time makes you feel really on edge in a lot of ways. You know you won’t be able to see everything. I feel the size of Tokyo especially which projects again a mystical energy that sparked a lot of loneliness and excitement in me, a feeling that was similar but nowhere close to as in Detroit. A lot of time was spent in Shibuya which had the infamous crossing and a lot of shopping. Technique was in that area as were a lot other shops as HMV and Diskunion. The only shop I was actually satisfied with was Technique since the other shops had a 3 records at a time policy which only allowed you to listen to 3 records in one go. I left Technique with a few shirts and records. One of them would be the same Schatrax record that Desyn played a few weeks before. I bought some Japanese music at Diskunion that was ridiculously expensive online and realized that the turntables were significantly cheaper than they were on the internet. 
It’s hard to recall but after ten days of being so far away, my girlfriend and me had tried quite a few things. The Nagakin Capsule Tower and it’s surrounding area was particularly exciting especially realizing that there is not a single piece of trash on the streets in that area and all around the city. I recall that it once took me about thirty minutes to find a bin walking around with the trash in my hands. Something that not only translated onto Tokyo’s streets but also it’s public transport.
On the last night the promoters invited us to a dinner with everyone we had met which made me feel satisfied with the whole course of my journey. A group photo would be the last thing I do with most of the people I met. I collect a lot of flyers and photos of my trips and usually get back revisiting my time quite a few times upon returning home. We check out the area near Shibuya once more after the dinner only to find out that the public transport no longer runs after midnight. Very strange for a city that size.
As a last resort to get home we get off in Tamashi which was close to the Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge. Two things that were quite exciting to see by night and that unexpectedly added a lot of fulfillment and joy to the last few hours before we had to leave.
Wondering how I can return the kindness and show my gratitude about the trip, I let my Japanese friends stay with me in Berlin a few weeks later.
Thanks to the internet, connections are not forgotten. I hope to see you soon. じゃあね