Stuck in the middle of a train station with no battery, and therefore no internet, in a city of 10 million asian people? Sounds familiar? Yes, classic me.
Luckily we pick the right exit to get picked up by my friend Kabuto, who runs the party and who I haven’t seen since the Toi Toi party five years ago. - a thing that made this event particularly exciting. I had contact with a few people online before the party and knew they would be coming including some of our friends from Europe who luckily didn’t get hit too hard from the earthquake in Osaka that we evaded the night before. I was happy.
The party in Tokyo would be the same day. Solfa was a small but amazing space with two floors and a very good sound system. Warming up would be Takashi, someone that shared the same agency with me at the time. A truly funny character with a great taste. Once again I feel the incredible and different hospitality that I am afraid that people might be let down when they visit my own country.
It didn’t take me long to enjoy myself in a lot of ways. The responsibility felt travelling such a long way as someone that is relatively unknown quickly transforms back to the feeling of giving everyone a good time, no matter what. I played a lot of tracks that I wouldn’t usually play and really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. When Kabuto played I take a bit of time to enjoy the other floor which had great music all the way through with especially the resident Tropi’s music that I particularly enjoyed. Bumping into my friend’s wife I see him passed out (do you mean asleep?) in the club, which I had seen a few times over the night. I don’t think people go out as heavy as they do at home but that’s okay. There was a few tracks extra for the people still remaining after the great back to back that Kabuto and me shared near the end. I felt we to have finally made up for the years of not seeing each other tthat now suddenly leave feel like nothing.unnoticed not meeting each other.
The remaining day would be used to try all the  things Jjapanese things in the supermarket next door. I find my new love for 7-11 and indulge in a load of instant, microwave meals out of curiosity. The Onigiri would turn into our guiltiest pleasure of the whole trip.
Again it’s hard to recall the chronology of the events but I think the first day was about visiting Shinjuku and Shibuya. We bump into the infamous Godzilla and the robot strip-club. Nearby were a few streets full of arcade game shops which we tried. I find that the arcade shops have a disgustingly loud environment, something I wouldn’t experience until putting my ear plugs ion at the AFX concert at the end of the year. An annoying batch of noise that I recorded at one of the shops unfortunately died with my old phone but that didn’t make the area less enjoyable.