On the last night we decide to make our way around our neighborhood realizing Detroit is quite safe if you don’t do things you wouldn’t usually do. Still judging whether we should go out too far or not I notice to have a crush on a city that has nowhere near the infrastructure to fall in love with but has reflected enough love for me to desperately want to return.

Saying Farewell to Detroit would be saying farewell to the US for me in 2018. The next morning we arrive back in New York City to hangout on a rooftop with almost all the amazing people I have met during my trip.
Feeling a strong connection that Mikel can run a record shop with hardly any customers a day, I decide it’s possible to go all in and quit my job to find something in line with my ideas.

Upon return I decide to exploit the german healthcare system to call in sick for six weeks to get paid and look for a new job. Something that didn’t come without consequences.