Our message gets interrupted by a sudden noise from the basement. An emergency?
The kitty has trapped it’s foot inside the wall of the record store. After a few minutes of correspondence of Joshua, we have to go downstairs to help to rescue the cat out of the wall of the building. It took three people and several attempts with a cardboard box to free the kitty’s leg from the wall and help it to back to normal again. My arms are completely scratched, everyone’s alertness fades.

I see a man in working pants pass by and witness what would be the last encounter with Mike, who I sensed completely appreciated what we did. I start to wonder how a bunch of working class and casual, laidback people were able to start a whole techno movement worldwide. We dig through the record store and find mostly Detroit related releases. I pick up a few including a record by Archetype and some UR related releases. There are not so many bargains to be made anymore, I think the global hype of the internet has made also those people realize how sought after some of their records have become. There is a lot of appreciation on the infamous walls of the basement, even by people that I know or respect.
I put the words “Without it, we would be without it” as a sign of actually how much of an impact this whole movement has had on all of our lives, especially people like me that grew up on the internet. Joshua exchanges a few more lines and his business card with us and then we leave.