Upon Arrival at Kansai Airport it takes a bit of time to find the right line to get through immigration but everything is so automated and friendly that you feel right at home despite the distance just travelled. We meet our hosts and take the bus to our flat that was booked for us for a few days.
Osaka would be a very small city compared to everything that I had seen in Asia which made me get used to it quickly. We have Sushi on the first night with the promoter and all their friends. A very good opportunity to get to know to the unique customs and experience the extremely friendly hospitality that comes along with the change in culture. I had never sat at a dinner before wondering why everyone else wasn’t eating apart from us, though as unlikely as that might sound it was definitely the best Sushi I have had at the time.
After dinner we pray at a local shrine and with a lot of help win a plush toy at a game store. We get some food and fade out the day at some of the residents' studio: I indulge in Calpico and some of the weird sweets I discovered, pass out and feel satisfied.
I was waiting for the job confirmation of what would be my current job at HHV which I applied to only a few days before the trip. Something that would put my mind into an enjoyable state comparing to the weeks of hustle before. I can’t recall exactly in which order we did some of the things but one of the most memorable experiences next to Ichiran, an owl cafe and a record and vintage shop, would be to go to a traditional Onsen with one of the residents we just met.
The thing that I really wanted to go to no matter what because the japanese hot spring was one of the most frequently heard suggestions before my trip. Coping with the behavioural difficulty I had and to have to go naked with everyone else, I am happy that my friend was able to explain everything to me in great detail.
After a few rounds of hot/cold I accidentally put my hand into an electrified pool of water, a thing I didn’t really enjoy but something that wasn’t a necessity to feel relaxed.
The next day we visit an owl cafe which allows you to caress owls and have a drink. Something that has made me feel so uncomfortable that I intend to leave in the first ten minutes of our visit. In a local record shop next door I get a record map of the whole city but as you can imagine there isn’t enough time to actually go and check out even a handful of the shops listed.