I grew up less than a wink from the border of France. Not only foreign people would confuse my origin with the french or that of other parts of Germany. I have never really adapted a certain slang although occasionally unleash my second self in a good moment.

Regular trips to France and learning to speak french have been part of my childhood. I played in Strasbourg before several times but due to the short distance it never really felt french to me.

Nantes? Niquel!

A twist of fate uplifts my mood because I know I am going to be on a stable income again.

A twist of fate that would also come with a bittersweet ending.

Despite the compassion from the months before, it would be a less than a month before the decision to live life on my own terms again. It’s the time for a new path being single.

It was what I remember the sunniest day of the year. Nantes was right at celebrating their most famous city festival. Classic me arriving without any possibility to text or call, I hope I get found on time. Again people are very kind and I feel very relaxed after a long night out the night before. The party again started in the afternoon and would go until very early in the morning. Unfortunately I think that due to the city festival and the weather the party wasn’t packed at first packed but filled up more and more towards the end of the night.

Remembering now a few interesting conversations chilling with the locals I wished to have stayed longer. My brain was still lost in translation about to start a new life.

My new job was an instant relief for my persona. Something that I immediately felt when someone put on Todd Edwards while I was packaging records for people in the first week.

Next to the push-ups, table tennis and soccer I happily can do with my boss in our office, I was able to finally listen to music I like out loud and not feel to have to defend myself. The side income as a DJ for most of my colleagues is a commodity instead of something to be jealous about. Things I had to deal with coping in my old job.

In three years, I feel that I have only now arrived in the city I live in. The constant up and down working with the living dead and living a lie is over. Nothing is more common in Berlin than to admit that you do music or are involved in any other creative circle imagined. Some of you might even think who I am to write all of this since I am not even close to famous or don’t make a living of music. Who am I to have an opinion? Unfortunately most people will either never get to the stage I am currently in or progress further because of their own insecurities and I am often not sure if I ever will. It happens a lot of times in life. The public projects a certain barrier to get anywhere because it doesn’t want people to become independent in their life. It’s easier to follow a structure than it is to create your own. I encounter a lot of interesting people on a daily basis that range from people that just moved to Berlin or have a wealthy background but also people that are too proud to get a day job. It seems to be a numbers game nowadays. How much you earn or get to play depends on how publically available you want to show yourself.

Freedom from a corporate world and freedom from working for someone else is an ultimate goal for everyone, something I even decided to exploit the german law for, however pursuing electronic music in Berlin is a trend that can infuse an artificial, entrepreneurial spirit in people where I got to know people that prefer to not work, get government benefit yet still have to count every penny and additionally depend on friends, just to appear sustainable.

Paradoxically it’s not the imagined income that DJ’s earn that people actually want to get and also it’s not most of the records that people want that most DJ’s have. It’s the freedom that being a DJ projects that people are looking for achieving. Excitement equals happiness nowadays but it seems that only a few chosen ones can have it. Luckily you don’t have to earn much to stay excited living in our world. However that doesn’t mean that unsustainably struggling is a characteristic a true artist needs to go through.

I have learned myself to put opportunity before stability. People pursuing a career in music should be aware to clearly think about their objectives before proceeding to do so. While there is some great stories of people becoming what they want by going all-in, quitting your job can cause an irreversible havoc to your life if your intentions are incongruent with what you want to get out of it.

There is a certain ideal if you want to be an artist, the true artist that is only valued with the independence attached, right? The artist that needs to be poor, takes drugs or is out of control. Many people worship after their idols with a false image of them attached, a fake image that mostly translates when their craft is executed in a moment of intense joy for both parties. Of course you can get a lot out of following the shown image of your heroes but it’s the incomplete impression of the artist’s hard work which results in an incongruent, perceived ethic versus the amount of work the artist actually has to put in on a daily basis. There are people that are more talented than others. That’s also okay. People will always judge with their idea in their head making it hard for each other to cultivate their individuality. It’s these preferences one needs to detect and it’s something that unfortunately causes most attempts to make money solely with music to fail.

Quite a few of my friends earn a lot more with being a DJ got back to some sort of job for several reasons after they already decided to quit. Immediate change if you’re not working in line of your ideal should be supported as much as I also don’t believe in a work and life balance when you find your true calling. Working in a field that you are into should be an example to go after, before you can be able to afford to fully live life on your own terms and not be regarded as something weak.