The first days into my sick leave I get the feeling of regret but there are too many new and exciting opportunities for me to think of. Going back would only be worse. The night before Milan I get a call from my friend that asks me to begin the Art of Dark night at Hoppetosse since the warm-up might have missed the flight. Everything turned out good and I end up warming up the night back to back before leaving straight to the airport. The gig would be at Masada, a very cool and exciting gig actually especially because I have either talked to all of the people online before or met them several times at parties.

Once I get to the hotel my flatmate sends me a video of what I am missing out on: The biggest afterparty from the night before that my flat has ever seen. I get a tour of Milan and enjoy to being by myself in the city. It was very hot at the time and a very good gig that started midday although the weather made it very hard to keep the people inside some of the time. The next day I go to the flea market and record shopping. I return home and get excited about the upcoming days which would be the annual gathering to start the CDV summer season.