Without any guidance by the promoter I would get lost but he persists to keep me good company. I am often surprised how well it turns out when you go to places you have never been to meet people that you have never met. Arriving in St. Petersburg and totally lost in translation I get to my hotel room without any sleep. I get a panic-attack and begin to call my friends. I decided to skip the hotel and go straight for dinner.
It’s a funny moment for me: When I started to DJ I used to be in the position to pick people up from the airport and go for dinner with them before we play. Now I find myself in the exact opposite position. I meet someone who turned out to be a producer of a record that I carry. We keep talking about our lives, kids and his wife, mostly via Google Translate. I am amazed how technology is serving us well for once. In a fast-food age of social media. I have one drink at the bar and fall asleep in the backstage of the club. Puzzled, I got up a little bit later with one of the residents wanting me to sign my own record that he managed to get hold off for a fortune on Discogs a few weeks earlier. I played after an amazing warm-up. My set went off a few times, not even half an hour after I handed over I am already on my way back to the airport. It’s hard letting the random people go but surely that is something that I would have to get used to: Spending less time with people. Unfortunately!