I lie at work a lot of times compensating about what I actually like to do. My colleagues don’t know I am a DJ in my free-time and let alone travelling. They are only interested if I make money with it. The countless hours finding new music for fun? Impossible to appreciate. I have to get a Visa to go to Russia in less than 14 days just to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg for less than 48 hours. Unfortunately I see exactly as much of the city as it sounds. I played at a new club at the time that, I recently find out, is more developed now than it was before. That’s great news! The first thing I see is a corner with luggage at the airport that reminds me of an auction house. A sign says “Lost and found”. We go straight to the club from the airport. The food from the club restaurant is great. I find myself playing in a backstage room with fake beach sand really early in the night. It wasn’t packed but we continue to play records in the kitchen of the club until I have to leave. Despite a broken turntable - the people had a blast. I still bump into people from that night in Berlin sometimes. The only thing I remember from Moscow is the train station where the next promoter waited to pick me up. Unfortunately.