My first gig in the new year and the only one that month. Städlin, next to Ultrasuoni.
There are rumours about both of them closing. I hope not indefinitely.
A very calm weekend after getting a Visa extended. The people we meet are very kind and doing their best to introduce the italian menu. I am a bit indecisive about what to play in a bar at a very early time but get used to it by the end. The bartender says people stay longer that night than they usually do. One more drink and off to bed. 

I feel that Rome definitely wasn’t built in a day. Long walks. Segway anyone? When in Rome, they say. I find the city a bit too beautiful for my taste but have befriended one of the most traditional hosts I can ever imagine. Pizza, Pasta or Gelati? No Problem! I buy a few records at the small basement of “I want to believe” and then after listen to classical music and get help to see the Vatican. Unfortunately, I see the beauty shadowed by the poverty with some of the homeless people next to it. Since you generally pay taxes to the churches in Germany, I feel the money isn’t necessarily going to a good cause. I decide to quit.