It’s five years to the month since I had my first gig outside of Germany. The Toi Toi after party in London with Nico, Steve, Daniel Bell as well as Masda and Kabuto would be the very first of what I didn’t think to be many opportunities to follow.
Out of all the countries I would visit, Japan would be the one that most people get the most hyped asking about. I was puzzled in my current position why such opportunities had opened up to me but the questionable feeling subsides quickly. I have to admit that I didn’t know what to expect when I was waiting for the plane to go to Seoul last year until I actually got to the gate to find out I am going to be the only European looking person on the whole flight.

I was sad that due to the difficult clubbing situation I wasn’t going to go to Seoul this time. I felt extremely sadened to believe that I might not see the friends that I made there last year. The travel and the short-lived encounters with people had made me believe I must show everyone the best version of myself possible at the time. The inconvenience of those travels in particular amplifies the idea that I might not even see people ever again, something that I had to deal with growing up multiple times.

Berlin, Helsinki to Osaka. I didn’t plan anything, unlike my girlfriend. I had heard a lot of unique and amazing things from Masda about his country, someone who I really trust and has become a friend and mentor to me over the years. Since Korea, I decided to just go with a rough idea and catch the vibe of the environment rather mapping everything out.. This way so I can look into what makes sense to do at the time.

Upon Arrival at Kansai Airport it takes a bit of time to find the right line to get through pass the immigration but everything is so automated and friendly that you feel straightright at home compareddespite to  the distance just travelled you had just passed. We meet our hosts and take the bus to our flat that was booked for us for a few days.