The Ghost at Hoppetosse.

A now renowned brand for many people in Berlin.
A group of people I wish to have invested in more in 2018.
A group that has made my life in Berlin as a DJ and individual incredibly easy.

I remember in the first months after I moved I got to know all of the people involved learning more about the northern english than I do about my own culture. I feel like an Englishman in Berlin and called my very first release after a northern proverb, Owt for Nowt. I feel nostalgic about the times where I moved some of our stuff with my old flatmate driving around in what wasn’t even a painted record shop with interior at the time. People I will always appreciate.
Hoppetosse for Berliners? The first time playing alone after the amazing back to back I had with my old flatmate at the very first party. For quite a few people that would feel more nerve-wrecking than actually enjoyable. And so it was for me. I get really good feedback although due to the presence of your peers, you never feel satisfied.
Shortly after, at a doctor’s office. I almost fainted in my office after a massive crack-on the same weekend. I had what was supposed to be an asthma attack but also an intense coping mechanism regarding my coworkers. I hate my job and have the anxiety to get out of touch with my hobby longterm. How am I supposed to enjoy partying if I have to stay completely sober?