The next day we spend most of our time digging through the whole stock resulting in buying more than a handful of music. I ask Mikel a few things about the shop related label and his life but even though Detroit offers some of the nicest people I have ever met, the people don’t seem to trust you initially and don’t want to talk about themselves too much. After only a few interactions I politely get the hint to move on.
As a souvenir we buy t-shirts of the shop for ourselves and our friends which we had to try on immediately afterwards. The fact that my body starts itching immediately is a sign that probably the stock hasn’t moved much over the years and a reminder of the frequency of customers Mikel probably experiences on a daily basis. There is the impression that not much seems to be going on outside of the season it seems. The season being the music festival.
The impressions and intensity that I experienced in the city on the first few days start to finally catch up with me. We walk around downtown and enter a bank through a metal detection device to get cash. I am puzzled about the astonishingly few people in Downtown although our host told us it has been flourishing more than ever before.The center gives me a feeling of joy and solitude.
The simultaneous emotion of happy/sad is surprisingly uplifting and the existential problems of my own feel unnecessary to everyone else’s.