Going from our new place to a few smaller record shops downtown I see a “Trust Jesus” sign and a guy beating up a traffic light during the day.
Detroit Threads would be the almost only shop that I spent most of my time at. More like a vintage thrift store it looks like nothing has been done to it for the last 25 years. Broken glass, a dirty couch, old decorations, window-shopping. The area of the shop, Hamtramck which seems to have been populated by a lot of polish people in the past reminds me more of an abandoned ghost town than a flourishing window of opportunity for the very few start-up’s that we see.

On the first day we are the only customers next to Motor City Drum Ensemble and Patrice Scott. We get into a few laughs with Mikel, the owner, and an employee that works for him.  Next to me: Several thousand Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass records and about twice as many disco records. The mixtapes the owner is listening to include a lot of disco music which suddenly give the impression of having listened to every house track ever made in one track. I end up choosing a few records to get back to the next day and after several hours in the shop we decide to come back in the early morning.