Tired from a very long journey, we drive downtown to the most famous BBQ of the City: Slows.
Puzzled about whether we will find a place to sleep we ask the waiter whether we should consider going back or not. He explains that several people have been robbed during the day recently and got their car stolen in front of the restaurant. An answer you don’t wish to expect especially with Downtown to be considered one of the safest areas of the city.

Unsure whether some of the people we approach online would get back to us we start to explore the downtown area towards Hart Plaza which is next to the Detroit-Windsor tunnel to Canada.
A place I don’t only remember from the countless of documentaries I have seen about one of my first idols Richie Hawtin, but one that is also next to the main event location of the infamous Detroit Music Festival. Seeing the Canadian side so close I daydream about the difference to my recent experience in the US. On the way back on Woodward Ave is a big stretch of all of the casual, American department stores. As it starts to get dark I notice that I have never seen a city this empty in my life.