Detroit was a place where I hoped to find a lot of good records since I didn’t really have time to go digging in New York. The motor city would be the most life changing part of my year. Sounds pretentious? Of course the self-made Mecca of techno would have some sort of impact on me.

We arrive very early at an almost dead airport. Actually I am very sure that the airport was as empty when we left at a more reasonable hour than it was this early. It took us several times to tell a cab driver where we want him to go and it almost sounded like he didn’t want to understand where we asked him to. In the cab he asked us if we plan to stay long in the chosen area or not and suggests for us to stay somewhere else if we can.
Unsure whether I made the right decision to come here or not I can feel the aftermath of what was once the american dream. Destroyed buildings, empty car parks, abandoned skyscrapers. Later I read that several hundred thousands of homes are unoccupied and an unemployment rate of 50% has been troubling most of the remaining citizens.