April. I want to do American things.
The land of boundless opportunities.

Unfortunately, some of the footage got lost but the next few months would be the most personal experience about last year and also the most difficult to write about.
Not only was I going to see my girlfriend’s family for the first time but it was also my first time experiencing what a lot of German people think is “living the dream”.
It would be my first time in a country that I have been able to see every day on TV and that I probably own more things originating from than my own. I imagined that not a lot would be different to where I live but it was the opposite.

I get really scared entering the US especially after going to Russia.
Technically I am a tourist but also I am there to DJ. Carrying the horror stories from some of my friends in my mind there was a possibility, but no way, to get deported.
After a “good luck” from the border control officer, I know that I was worrying too much.

We head straight to New Jersey where I discovered an environment that is very similar to the one I grew up in. At first I feel weird from all of the single ingredients one can find in what is supposed to be just eggs but soon after I feel the similarity to a lot of things in the past. During my visit most people were away and would come back for the summer season but it was the right moment to give me space and get used to the novelties of my stay. I spend some time exploring American TV channels, diners and sneak my way onto a motorized shopping cart at Walmart.
A few days later we enjoy axe-throwing, cheese steak and the liberty bell in Philadelphia. Before we leave to New York, I open my record bag for the first time in a month, which my girlfriend was able to take over for me. Unlike for me, shipping records prior to the gig seems to be a necessary tradition for most people without a visa.

Writing this, it warms my heart to know that I couldn’t have had a better introduction to a country that people talk so much about than the one that I received.